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Standard Training Sessions

These sessions typically last up to one hour, and can be presented in-person or virtually.

Change Management Basics

For better or worse, we've all learned how difficult it is to stay connected and engaged with our coworkers when we aren't regularly sharing a physical space. And although the technology tools for connection are always improving, our own brains just aren't optimized for virtual interaction, making it a constant struggle. We'll talk about why virtual engagement is so hard, and explore some ways virtual team members can support themselves and their colleagues as we work to remain connected.

Change. More. Again.

It's been an exciting time lately for reimagining libraries and library service. That reimagining can't be done without change, however, and you may have found yourself suffering from change overload. Together, we'll explore your own experiences with navigating change to try to understand why it can be so hard. You'll learn about a brain-based framework for understanding resistance to change, both for yourself and for your colleagues. We'll also talk about how to apply this framework in your role, no matter what that might be, to help make change as successful as possible for you and your community.

Communication Strategies for Managing Change

Keeping staff on an even keel in the midst of major change is a daunting task, but making it a priority can mean the difference between success and failure. Unfortunately, change management models are sometimes less than helpful when you find yourself in the middle of a transition that got started without a communication plan. Get some practical advice for communicating through change in a way that helps build confidence, trust and support from your staff, and that raises your chances of success, no matter how far along the transition may be.

Change and Your Brain

We all handle change differently, and a lot of that is determined by how your brain works. In this session, you'll learn about SCARF, a model to help you understand the things that make change difficult for you and for others. You'll also get some ideas for how to make that model work for you at the library and at home.

Work Connections at a Distance

Change management is an important subject for professional development because no matter how many times you experience or implement change as a manager or leader, the process always brings surprises. We will talk about change management models, drawing from several of them to give you five key principles for managing change. You will also have opportunities to reflect on changes happening in your own life or organization, and to talk with your colleagues about your change challenges.

Other Training Topics

Lynn can also present sessions that are longer than one hour or that cover customized content. Topics include:

Organizational culture

Facilitating effective meetings

Strengths-based management

Giving and receiving feedback

Building a culture of evaluation

Using data to tell a story

Data literacy

Time and task management

Workplace trust

Managing projects

Strategic planning

Process improvement and automation

Self-awareness and authenticity

Emotionally intelligent communication

Coaching and mentoring